Discover the Top Online Poker Sites in Asia for 2020

Are you searching for the top Asian online poker rooms? Finding the right site for your needs can be incredibly difficult but Asiabet has done all of the hard work for you. As the experts on gambling in Asia, we have information about all of the best online poker sites in Asia in this one convenient location for you. Read on to:

  • Find a country guide to Asian poker sites
  • Learn what makes a good and safe poker site
  • Discover the most popular variants of online poker in Asia

Let’s just get right into it; where do we think are the best places to play online poker in Asia are? Here are some of the best places you can try:

Best Poker Sites

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  • 25+ cryptocurrencies accepted

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How We Rate the Best Asian Poker Sites

Of course, you might be wondering how we came up with this list. We are industry experts and we know what goes into making the top poker sites for Asian players. Having spent years investigating online poker tournaments and websites in both Asia and beyond, we have seen lots of good and plenty of bad. This allows us to bring you Asiabet’s expert reviews and a list of criteria that the top sites need to meet to impress us. Here are some of the key components we think the best Asian poker sites need to have if you are going to start playing there.

A Priority for Security

You want to play poker online at a site which is safe and secure. When sending out your financial details over the internet, you need to know that they are going to be encrypted and kept as safe as possible. We have found the safest sites for you to visit so you know that your details will be kept safe with every deposit.

Gamble with your Local Currency

Why waste your time trying to work out the conversion rate from your currency into American dollars or Euros? Whether you use Yen, Renminbi, Baht, or any of the other many Asian currencies, you should be playing poker with the currencies you know best. That way, you always know exactly how much you have spent and how much you are winning. It also avoids any conversion fees that come at an extra cost for you.

All the Games You Could Ever Play

Don’t waste your time with a casino site which only offers a few games and a tournament once in a blue moon. We know where to direct you if you are looking for a site which offers games around the clock, and tournaments for players of all ages.

Bonuses for All

From extra money to play with, to discounted buy-ins for tournaments, there are some amazing opportunities out there for you to have more money in your pocket. We make sure our recommended sites offer great bonuses for both new and existing players.

Play on Mobile

Asian countries are among the market leaders in mobile technologies. You can use your phone to do everything from ordering food to paying your bills. It only makes sense that the best online poker sites in Asia would allow you to play there on your phone.

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  • 460+ slots, live casino and more

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A Country Guide to Poker in Asia

We have put together a guide to poker in Asia to help you no matter where you happen to be located. Here is a country by country guide to poker in Asia.

Poker in Cambodia

It used to be mostly foreigners playing games like Texas Hold’em in Cambodia, but more and more Cambodian players are beginning to learn to play. From playing with friends to heading to play poker online, there are lots of options for Cambodians and expats alike who want to play.

Poker in China

There are no Chinese-owned casino sites for players in China to take advantage of but there are many international sites you can access. Make sure you find one which does not have any currency exchange fees attached to transactions.

Poker in Hong Kong

Hong Kong can sometimes find itself on the restricted list for some casinos but we at Asiabet know where to point you for the best Asian online poker rooms. There are plenty of legal sites offering Hong Kong players a chance to play.

Poker in India

Like China, India has no dedicated online casinos to play poker, but plenty of options when looking at foreign websites. Many accept Indian players, so we can help you find one which can support your language and your preferred currency.

Poker in Indonesia

Poker is just beginning to gain popularity in Indonesia, but there are still plenty of chances for players here to play a game. Take a look at the poker networks if you live here as they can help you set up payment methods through your local bank.

Poker in Japan

No Limit Hold’em is extremely popular in Japan and several players have had success playing in high stakes poker tournaments all across the world. You will be able to find many sites accepting players in both English and Japanese.

Poker in Korea

The people of Korea value games of skill and strategy like those offered in card games so no wonder that they have started to play poker online when they can. We are able to direct you to some of the best sites for Korean players and give new players all the support they need.

Poker in Laos

Both expats and Laotians love the wide variety of Asian poker sites available to people in Laos. Some of the major Asian sites run their operation from here. There are also lots of opportunities to join the sites in neighbouring Cambodia and Thailand as well as further abroad.

Poker in Malaysia

With Singapore so close by and easy access to other Asian poker destinations, it is easy to see why Malaysia is thought to be one of the top growing destinations for Asian poker. There are many sites offering play in Malaysian currencies so you should not have any trouble finding somewhere to play.

Poker in Pakistan

Online poker is currently illegal in Pakistan but punishment is only usually metered out to high rollers. With a little caution, a casual player can find a place to play at a secure international site.

Poker in the Philippines

There aren’t really any domestic sites for players in the Philippines but you can use many of the international sites. There are also several opportunities to join the Asia Championship of Poker if you want to try a few live games.

Poker in Singapore

Many sites on the internet accept players from Singapore so you won’t have any problems finding a place to play. With the help of Asiabet, you will also be able to find a site which also allows you to play in Singapore dollars.

Poker in Taiwan  

Many people in Taiwan like to play poker though it can be difficult to find a site which takes the New Taiwan dollar. If you like to play live poker, you may be able to win a ticket to a tournament somewhere else in Asia.

Poker in Thailand

Casino games are incredibly popular in Thailand and Texas Hold’em is easy to find at many international sites. There is a lively community of poker players here so you will be in good company whether you are paying online or at a live casino.

Poker in Vietnam

Many top Asian poker professionals have come from Vietnam and you could be the next one. Take a look at what some of the US and European sites have to offer as there may be better deals here than what is offered by the domestic sites.

Popular Asian Poker Games

So, what poker variations are loved the most on the best online poker sites in Asia? Here are some of the games we see being played the most.

Texas Hold’em

This is the most commonly known poker variant and even those who do not play poker will recognise the game. Each player is dealt two cards and then tries to make a hand using five community cards. The best hand wins, and players can raise bets or fold as they try to outwit the other players at their table. It is a game of skill, strategy, and psychology.

3-Card Poker

Another popular variation is 3-card poker. The player and the dealer are each dealt three cards and the highest hand wins. Since the dealer needs to have a Queen or above to be able to qualify for a win, a smart player can often work the game to their favour. It is fast-paced and a good poker introduction for anyone who likes other casino games like roulette but finds Texas Hold’em to be a little too slow.

Open Face Chinese Poker

We are beginning to see more and more casinos offer Open Face Chinese poker. In this game, players are dealt five cards and then receive one more per round until they have a 13-card hand. You then split it into three hands, one consisting of 3 cards and the other two of 5. It may seem complicated to outsiders but it has been hotly watched even at many high stakes poker tournaments ever since its invention. If you are searching for a variant of poker with lots of strategy and innovation, this is going to be the game for you.

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Online Poker Tournaments in Asia

There are many online poker tournaments across Asia which see players from all over the continent come together to play and try to win. You will often find that the top poker sites for Asian players offer online satellite tournaments. These are qualifying tournaments which can give their winners entry to some of the best competitions in the world and the chance to play alongside some of the great names in poker. Let’s take a closer look at two of the biggest competitions you could try to play for when playing poker in Asia.

World Series of Poker

The WSOP is one of the biggest poker competitions in the world. While the main event is held in Las Vegas, USA, a spin-off competition has been brought to Asia. The most coveted non-monetary prize at one of these events is the WSOP bracelet which is awarded to the winner of each event. Heading to the best Asian online poker rooms can give you some of the practice you need if you want to aim to play a game here at one point.

Asian Pacific Poker Tour

The other prestigious poker tournament you are likely to see is the APPT. This is a major event which features multiple games across different locations. It is often the largest poker tournament in Asia and offers players the chance to score millions of dollars’ worth of prize money.

The Top Asian Poker Players

When you see a discussion of the top poker players you will often see names like Phil Hellmuth or Phil Ivey batted around. However, many Asian poker players have also reached the top of their game.

Mervin Chan sprung to fame as a Malaysian amateur who managed to smash the competition and bag over a million dollars in prize money at the 2013 Aussie Millions tournament.

Raymond Wu started playing poker whilst studying in California and has since won many titles at some of the biggest competitions. He still plays at a top poker site in Asia so you may find yourself buying into a game of video poker with him.

Scotty Nguyen is also known as the Prince of Poker, having played the game since his teenage years. He has won 5 WSOP bracelets and has made millions from live tournament winnings for both poker and other casino games like blackjack.

Finally, Maria Ho is one of the top-ranked female players in the world. She enjoys the psychology behind poker and has managed to win over $3.8 million in her time playing.

Who knows, could you be one of the next top Asian poker players? You never know what your skills might be until you try a game for yourself! Sign up to one of our top and trusted Asian poker sites today!

We frequently see many of the same questions coming up when people are searching for the perfect Asian poker rooms. Here they are:

Frequently Asked Questions

It is legal in most of Asia to play online poker but it does vary from country to country. If poker is banned in your country, you may be able to play at an international site with a VPN service, but this will be at your own caution.

The gambling rules about poker varies from country to country. Asiabet has put together a country guide to poker in Asia where you will be able to read about the laws in your country of residence.

The “best bonus” is subjective. One player might think that freerolls constitute a good bonus whereas someone else might prefer a deposit bonus. Asiabet has many different sites for you to choose from so make sure you look carefully at our reviews to find a recommendation for the best bonus for you.

Yes, there are live poker tournaments at some of the top Asian poker sites for you to join in. You could also play at real tournaments with some of the biggest stars in Asian poker of the moment.

If you choose to play poker at a casino which offers mobile support then you will definitely be able to play online poker on your mobile. Luckily, the vast majority of our recommended sites offer play on mobile.